Experience Thinking Moc Xa - the First Wooden Roller Coaster in Vietnam - Paradise Island


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Wood Snake of Wrath

From the depths of the forest, the angry roar of the legendary giant Moc Snake echoes across the deserted island, challenging adventurers on their way to conquest.

With a huge body, winding into many parts and moving at lightning speed, the wrath of Moc Xa will be a formidable challenge only for truly courageous hearts.

Is the first wooden roller coaster game in Vietnam, in the top of the top Thrilling games in the world. The track has a height of up to 32.4m, runs through nearly 1km, a maximum speed of 80km/h with twists and turns, will give visitors a feeling of extreme excitement when experiencing "the wrath of Moc Xa". "

Exotica island is shaking before the fury of Moc Xa, are you ready to face the challenge?

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